"You're so vicious"

I look underwater. Fish, that's what I see. An underwater world, so many shapes and colors. Underwater, not for humans.  Breath in, Breath out. Oxygen, oxygen, is what I don't get. Everything gets blurry. It gives a daze. That's nice, I want to be with the fish. That's the feeling people have who don't want to anymore. Automatically I am pulled upwards, and VICIOUS I return to reality. I will be in hiding underwater again shortly.


Sculptures, paintings and now also NFT creatures. Made by me Peter Palm. I have been active with art since the 70s. I studied spatial design at the Art Academy rotterdam. You can find all the info about me on my website www.peterpalm.nl I also have Instagram with more than two thousand followers #creatures684 I hope you want to join me on a journey through my fantastic world. You are most welcome.